Embedded inside each of us is a deep desire to explore all things that exist. Those things, which we cannot see or fully understand, have been a large focus in my work. I am endlessly fascinated by the insatiable human desire to explore and chip away at the mysteries that exist on all scales, micro and macro, in our world and beyond. 

My work investigates many intersections of science, medicine, and technology. Much of my work is driven by my fascination surrounding disorders of the human body as I question the misdirected inclinations that occur internally and externally. It is a visual exploration of my personal experiences, research, and fascination regarding illness. Many aspects are examined, from studying the battle that occurs within, to questioning the intentions and results of modern day medicines and treatments. Recently, a whole new realm of research opened up as I began collaborating with a Planetary Scientist from Johns Hopkins University. I started thinking about all the mystery and allure that the universe holds, specifically researching Titan, Saturn’s largest and most mysterious moon.

With a strong relationship to painting, my work expands into mixed media and installation. Through the manipulation of unconventional materials, I invent symbolic shapes and forms while examining the interconnectivity of the natural world. By employing unexpected, transformed, and recycled materials, my work grows and decays. When certain materials are joined together, they react and have a life of their own, evolving into something I cannot foresee. This accidental materiality is where the element of surprise emerges, as well as displays the absence of my control. Through the act of creating, I am continuously presented with new questions and discoveries as I imagine what it would be like to fully visualize and understand the complex systems that surround us. My work is inspired by reality and confronts unknowns that defy explanation by modern science.